Behind the Curtain

Artist: Grace Kubilius Photographer: Carrie Ann Kelly

Behind the Curtain

Did you know that making stuff up on the spot and in the moment takes practice? It seems a paradox, but the performance troupe, Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players practice the forms of InterPlay before engaging in an improvisational performance. In preparation for the March 5th performance at the Mindful show at the Contemporary Craft Gallery the Strip District we’re inviting people from the Pittsburgh community to join us, to look behind the curtain and experience the creative process of diving deeply, yet playfully, into an important topic.

 Did you know that when artists use the visual arts, like paint and clay and paper to express themselves, and we use InterPlay folk-art performance forms like dancing, singing, and storytelling, something unique and profound is likely to happen? In order to understand more clearly what we know about a big scale theme, like mental health and mental illness, Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh troupe members explore their past experiences, and mine their stories using the folk art forms. We allow ourselves to be influenced by images from the show, and respond to these, in the moment and on the spot. Then when we are actually in the space of the gallery, surrounded by the art pieces, we will bring the wisdom of our stories and experiences as the raw material to create a performance.

 If you’d like to give this a try, join us for the next two Third Thursday Open Rehearsals and if it feels right, join us on March 5th for the workshop and performance in the Gallery space.

Event Details –

He’s Crazy And He’s My Brother – An InterPlay Performance and Playshop

Contemporary Craft

2100 Smallman St. Pittsburgh PA. 15222

March 5 2016

3 pm – 5 pm

The expressive arts troupe, Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players and guest artists will create a performance on the spot and in the moment using the Interplay forms of movement, music, song and storytelling, responding to the images and themes raised by the art pieces in Mindful. Audience members are invited, if they wish, to engage with one another and with the performers, joining their own stories of mental health, mental illness, and what it might take to break the stigma on the topic in their own communities. For more details call Director Sheila K. Collins at 817 706-4967 and visit the website

Artist: Grace Kubilius Photographer: Carrie Ann Kelly
Artist: Grace Kubilius
Photographer: Carrie Ann Kelly

At the Contemporary Crafts Exhibit: Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art

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