March 29: Give InterPlay Day!

InterPlay Pittsburgh is in its 12th year, offering the improvisational tools and techniques of InterPlay to connect the generations and explore the tough topics of our times, – (changing the race dance, breaking the stigma of mental illness, ending violence against women).

We ask for your support on this Give InterPlay Day with your contribution of:

  • $25 pays the space rental for one InterPlay class
  • $75 supports tuition assistance for new leaders in training
  • $100 pays the performance stipend for a musician
  • $750 underwrites the production costs of a black box theater performance for Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players

If InterPlay Pittsburgh is inspiring and important to you, click here to support a thriving Pittsburgh InterPlay community.

One Day Only!!

If you want to participate in Give INTERPLAY Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on March 29th, 2017!

Click on: SUPPORT INTERPLAY PITTSBURGH NOW to go to a secure site for your donation support. ┬áIt’s easy to do. Your donations are tax deductible.