He’s Crazy and He’s My Brother

Artist: Michael Janis Photographer: Anything Photographic

Someone you know may live with mental illness. This informative and entertaining presentation shows the way to break the stigma for people and family members suffering from the effects of common brain disorders: major depression, anxiety, psychoses, and dementias. Dr. Sheila K. Collins shares personal stories of difficulties in her own family, including what’s helped all involved to come to new understandings and more mutually supportive relationships. With help from members of the Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players, other stories of the challenges and unexpected gifts

Artist: Grace Kubilius Photographer: Carrie Ann Kelly
Artist: Grace Kubilius
Photographer: Carrie Ann Kelly

when relatives and friends experience mental illness will be added. This presentation uses song, story, music, and movement, as the group responds to artistic images from the current Society for Contemporary Craft art show, “Mindful,” whose goal is to break the stigma of mental illness in the Pittsburgh Community.   Stay tuned for dates when our troupe will be performing this presentation in collaboration with Contemporary Crafts exhibit (which runs through March 12, 2016).  AND you can get an early glimpse by attending an upcoming Third Thursdays Open Rehearsal (see Upcoming Events).

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