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InterPlay Pittsburgh was founded in 2006 by Sheila K. Collins shortly after she moved to Pittsburgh from Fort Worth, Texas. The organization is registered as a non-profit in Pennsylvania with the goals of teaching, performing, and promoting InterPlay in the greater Pittsburgh area. The organization is a division of the national non-profit organization, Body Wisdom Inc. in Oakland CA.

InterPlay Pittsburgh offers the following programs in the greater Pittsburgh area:
Interplay in Performance | Secrets/Life Practice | Monthly Community Playshops
Performance Jams | Deep Play Groups | Applied Interplay

InterPlay in Performance  – The Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players was established by Sheila K. Collins in 2006 to help her introduce InterPlay to Pittsburgh. The goal of the company is to assist agencies and organizations in achieving their noble purposes. During the past 8 years, the troupe has performed for local and regional conferences, at agencies, hospitals and schools, art galleries and community centers, in places of worship, in theaters, and at children’s summer camps. Troupe members are present or former teachers, artists, ministers, musicians, business entrepreneurs, and social workers, who see performance as an important part of their service to the larger community.

Secrets/Life Practice – These programs are the heart of the InterPlay curriculum – the theories and practices behind the fun. Secrets weekends are offered in Pittsburgh every year or two. The next Pittsburgh Secrets is being offered in the fall of 2014. The Life Practice Program involves applying the principles and practices introduced during the Secrets weekend to participants’ daily lives. The goal is to achieve more ease, grace, and fun in the every day circumstances of our lives. The Life Practice Program consists of four weekends spread out over six to nine months. The next Pittsburgh Life Practice Program will be in 2015.

Monthly Community Playshops – At least once a month, InterPlay Pittsburgh offers a multi-generational playgroup at local libraries. We’ve held Playshops at the library in Squirrel Hill, at the Homewood Library, and at the Cooper-Siegel Library in Fox Chapel. These events are open to the public at no charge. Donations to the library and/or to InterPlay Pittsburgh are encouraged and welcome.

Performance Jams – In this format, the Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players invites local professional and amateur artists to join us in playing with and creating a performance around universal topics such as “Money,” “All About Women,” “Ending Violence/Creating Peace.”  Members of the general public are invited to warm up with the performers using InterPlay tools and to participate either as performers or witnesses for the performance that is created.

Deep Play Groups – InterPlay functions often as an expressive arts therapy system. Based in movement, InterPlay is a fun, easy, graceful way to let go of stress and tension, access our deep inner authority, and try out what can happen when we are playing with our “issues” rather than working on them.  Participation in a Deep Play group which meets over a number of sessions is arranged through Dr. Collins.

Applied InterPlay – InterPlay Pittsburgh partners with various agencies and organizations to use InterPlay to enhance the work they are doing with adults and children in challenging situations. We’ve partnered with the Persad Center, doing retreats for people living with HIV-AIDS, with the Area Agency on Aging on their special day for caregivers, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, for their “InterPlay” show, and with the Center for Contemporary Crafts for their show, ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out! We go annually to the Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club Girls’ camp, and this year, to the Circle Camp in WV, a weeklong camp for girls who have experienced the loss of a parent.

InterPlay Pittsburgh is interested in teaching and performing with and for adults dealing with challenging circumstances – grief and loss, mental illness, homelessness, recovery from trauma, and with the caregivers and social workers serving these people. We seek partnerships with the agencies that serve these populations.

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