Sheila K. Collins

Sheila K. Collins, PhD
Founder and Executive Director
InterPlay Pittsburgh
Sheila K. Collins is a writer, dancer, social worker, and improvisational performance artist. She founded InterPlay Pittsburgh when she came to Pittsburgh in 2005, after having started InterPlay communities in four cities in Texas. She currently directs the Wing and A Prayer Pittsburgh Players, an InterPlay-based performance troupe that assists human service agencies to accomplish their noble purposes in the Pittsburgh community.

Sheila is a nationally known expert on the power of play, dance, and the expressive arts. She writes about these topics on her blog Dancing With Everything which is on her website, Her new book Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and the Rituals That Heal was released by She Writes Press in August, 2013. Sheila has been getting the word out about the book by “Performing The Book” with assistance from InterPlay improvisational troupes in Edinburgh Scotland, Pittsburgh, PA, North Texas, Atlanta GA and Oakland CA.

Dr. Collins holds an undergraduate degree from Monteith College, Wayne State University Detroit, an MSW from Wayne State School of Social Work and a PhD from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln where she founded The Center for Co-Equal Education to assist school districts in implementing Title IX. At the University of Texas at Arlington, Sheila founded the Women and Work Research and Resource Center, to explore the worth of women’s work. She co-founded and co-directed for ten years, a behavioral health care clinic in Fort Worth TX.

Sheila is a master teacher and consultant on the use of improvisational art techniques for individual and social transformation. She currently serves as board president for the national non-profit, Body Wisdom Inc. in Oakland CA and on the board of the Sarah Heinz House and the MillerDance Company in Pittsburgh. 

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