The InterPlay form: A BIG SIGH now has scientific merit

The Wall Street Journal recently  summarized current research on the biology of the “sigh” concluding that it is not merely an emotional response, but a very important biological process that supports overall health (“Scientists pinpoint brain chemicals linked to the sigh,” Feb.8, 2016).  One of the most common InterPlay forms is the big-sigh. We ask all participants during an InterPlay warm-up to take a deep breath and let it out with a sound. Not only does everyone report that the big-sigh makes them feel better (and research would support that this is a universal human reaction) BUT WE ALSO EMPHASIZE DOING THE SIGH IN A GROUP. When a group shares a big-sigh, individuals report having an increased connection with those around them (which is a key indicator of well-being).  So the big-sigh is a two-fer – it not only supports overall health, but also builds big impact. That’s InterPlay!!!!